On September 12, 2024, the TOGAS* - “Towards gastric cancer screening implementation in the European Union” project will hold their second conference at Fundação Eng. Antonio Almeida in Porto, Portugal.

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It is our great pleasure to invite representatives from the Member States, national screening experts and patient advocates to participate in the Conference and discuss gastric cancer screening practices across Europe.
The TOGAS* project brings together 20 partners from 14 European countries to address effective implementation of gastric cancer screening across the EU. 
The purpose of this conference is to communicate the current evidence related to gastric cancer prevention as well as to gather feedback from EU Member States on the needs and potential barriers for streamlining gastric cancer screening. We encourage policymakers, screening experts, epidemiologists, medical specialists, as well as patient representatives, to participate in person and share their insights, experiences, and expertise. We look forward to fruitful discussions and collaborations that will undoubtedly arise from this gathering. Together, let us work towards improving gastric cancer prevention and screening practices across Europe, with the ultimate goal of reducing the burden of this devastating disease. 

Let´s shape the future of gastric cancer screening practices in Europe!

Date and venue

September 12, 2024 
Fundação Eng. António de Almeida
Rua Tenente Valadim, 231/ 325
4100-479 Porto
The conference will also feature live video streaming.


‐ EU country representatives (ministries, national cancer institutes) 
‐ European Council & JRC representatives 
‐ Cancer screening specialists ‐ Project consortia members (TOGAS, EUROHELICAN, AIDA, PRAISE‐U, SOLACE) 
‐ Researchers and opinion leaders involved in gastric cancer prevention 
‐ Patient advocates 

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