TOGAS will involve three pilot studies, each designed to address specific aspects of gastric cancer screening and early detection. Cost-effectiveness modelling and addressing medical ethics aspects will be an important integral part of the project.

Pilot study one

H.pylori screen and treat study in young-age population, the strategy is going to evaluate this approach in young adults (generally 30 – 35 years of age).

Pilot study two

Stomach assessment in subjects undergoing colonoscopy. Task of this pilot study is supposed to deliver comprehensive data on different strategies for a combined screening for lower and upper gastrointestinal cancer. Data will be generated from multiple sites across Europe that will allow a flexible cost-effectiveness modelling of this strategy respective different health care settings.


Pilot study three

Addressing the longterm adverse events of H.pylori eradication based on pepsinogen screening and H.pylori eradication study in middle-aged population.